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测试网络被设计来替代 Bitcoin block chain,用于测试。它允许程序开发者或 bitcoin 试用者进行试验性的操作,而不用担心破费 bitcoin 或破解 bitcoin chain.

运行 bitcoin 或 bitcoind 时添加参数 -testnet 即可,或者在 bitcoin.conf 中添加一行 testnet=1 亦可。


  • 使用18333端口替代8333。
  • Bootstrapping IRC channel is #bitcoinTEST instead of #bitcoin (both on irc.lfnet.org). The built-in node list is disabled.
  • A different value of ADDRESSVERSION field ensures no testnet BitCoin addresses will work on the production network. (0x6F rather than 0x00)
  • The protocol message header bytes are shifted up (0xFABFB5DA instead of 0xF9BEB4D9)
  • Minimum difficulty of 1.0 on testnet is equal to difficulty of 0.5 on mainnet. This means that the mainnet-equivalent of any testnet difficulty is half the testnet difficulty.
  • A new genesis block

Genesis Block

Testnet uses a different genesis block to the main network. You can find it at http://blockexplorer.com/testnet/b/0 The testnet was reset with a new genesis block for the 0.3.20 bitcoin release.

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